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 Introducing Auerhuhn e.V.: 

The Capercaillie Association in the Black Forest has set itself the goal of being a central contact point for forest owners, forestry, hunting and nature conservation stakeholders and for all those who enjoy spending time in capercaillie habitats.

How does the campaign work? 

Where the capercaillie lives, people also feel at home, because nature is very rich and diverse there. In order to protect the capercaillie, which is threatened with extinction in Germany, every guest donates one euro per night to the Auerhuhn e.V. association and thus supports the active protection and preservation of the capercaillie.

What is done with the donation? 

Thanks to the funding from the state of Baden-Württemberg and the donations, the Auerhuhn e.V. can work to protect the capercaillie by...

...creating new habitat for the capercaillie

...the maintenance and preservation of existing habitats for the capercaillie

...establishing forms of utilisation in forestry, tourism and hunting that are compatible with the capercaillie

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